What caused the drought of 2012?

No one can say for certain what caused the drought of 2012, but grass management guru Allan Savory has an opinion.    The following is an excerpt from an article he wrote in July.


“That so many farmers and ranchers over vast areas of the United States are suffering in 

the current widespread drought should be of no surprise. U.S. agricultural policies and 

practices ensure such tragedies not only in the U.S. itself but also in many other nations. 

I can guarantee such tragedies will increase unless policy and practices change. I am not 

indulging in hindsight or guesswork as many know because I have been warning, 

teaching and preaching about this ever since putting foot on U.S. soil in the late 1970s.”

-Allan Savory, July 2012


To learn more about Allan Savory, visit his website at savoryinstitute.com.