Harvest time

It's not all moving cows and fixing fence around here. We have a little bit of farm ground as well. We have some good neighbors that we hire to do the planting, spraying, and combining. I get to help sometimes, today being one of them. Sometimes I get to drive the combine (scary isnt it), but today I'm a truck driver. This picture was taken at the dump site in town as I'm waiting to unload. Harvest can be hurry-up-and-wait; I left home at 7 am with my first load and didn't get back until 10:30 am. There was only an hour of driving time, the rest was waiting in line.

20121003-173729.jpg The crops are down a little this year due to the drought, but yields have been better than most expected. With the high commodity prices, it should still be a good year for most farmers in our area.