RHR in the press

I've started three different posts in the past few months but have yet to finish any of them.  I'm more into quality than quantity.  There's a reason they are still unfinished.

However, there have been some other people who actually get paid to write (or film) that have written (or filmed) about the ranch and/or our passion for grasslands in the past year or so.

Beef Producer Uses Ranch For Rainfall Management
Northern Plains Beef Producers Awe Me Across Three States
Alan Newport is the editor of Beef Producer Magazine

Rock Hills Ranch focuses on maternal traits
Thorstenson Gelbvieh & Angus has sold us a lot of bulls over the years.  Wendy wrote this article to include in their 2013 sale flyer.

Dad Steps Down Early; Son Steps Up
Lon Tonneson is the editor of Dakota Farmer Magazine

Rancher shares tips on saving precious water
Barry Amundson is a reporter for the Tri-State Neighbor

Farm Bill: Stand Up and Protect America's Grasslands
This video was made by Day's Edge Productions for the World Wildlife Fund's conservation work in the Northern Great Plains.

Conservationists push to preserve prairies of North and South Dakota
Juliet Eilperin writes for the Washington Post

Managing 2 billion gallons of water at Rock Hills Ranch
Lura Roti writes articles for South Dakota State University's website and newsletters.


There are two more articles in the works, unless the editors decide it's too much work making us sound intelligent.  We've been interviewed by Successful Farming and The American Prospect in the past few months.  I'll post links if/when they publish the articles.