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Award videos are up!

2014 has been a big year for us, both personally and professionally.  We were awarded the Leopold Conservation Award for South Dakota and the Environmental Stewardship Award for Region 7.  Both have released short videos about our ranch and the

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Rosie the Cow

Early this month my rancher happily announced to his friends the commencement of a new profit center. He so enjoyed hosting a guest milk cow last year, he decided he needed his own. He determined to have a Jersey because

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Phone Photo Roundup – December 2013

It's been a busy fall/early winter for me.  When it gets busy, the website is usually the first thing to suffer.  A couple days ago I was thinking how best to recap the last couple months, and I had the

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A couple evenings ago, Isaac and I went out to move some cattle to fresh pasture.  He's always game for anything involving "work," but with extra enthusiasm when the cows are involved.  He would have walked all the way out

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