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Robservations and Toilet Seats

When I was a child, my family drove to the Black Hills to pick my ¬†older sisters up from bible camp. It was a full day’s drive across the state, which seemed like an eternity to my brother and younger

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Gully Washers and Goals

                  “Man, oh man!” my teen age cousin exclaimed as he slipped out of the bed in our basement bedroom and stepped into ankle deep water.  Outdoors the wind blew and  an inch of rain poured from the heavens.

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New innovation will make your haystacks grow!

Have you ever heard of a rancher giving his cows all the hay they will need for the entire winter on December 1?  Of course not, they would waste way too much of it.  Instead, cattlemen will spend lots of

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Award videos are up!

2014 has been a big year for us, both personally and professionally.  We were awarded the Leopold Conservation Award for South Dakota and the Environmental Stewardship Award for Region 7.  Both have released short videos about our ranch and the

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Our fleet of tanks is expanding…

…water tanks, that is. We are realizing that the limiting factor for us in our grazing management continues to be water.  We can't change how much falls from the sky (even though we do have influence over how much soaks

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