Harvest time

It's not all moving cows and fixing fence around here. We have a little bit of farm ground as well. We have some good neighbors that we hire to do the planting, spraying, and combining. I get to help sometimes, today being one of them. Sometimes I get to drive the combine (scary isnt it), but today I'm a truck driver. This picture was taken at the dump site in town as I'm waiting to unload. Harvest can be hurry-up-and-wait; I left home at 7 am with my first load and didn't get back until 10:30 am. There was only an hour of driving time, the rest was waiting in line.

20121003-173729.jpg The crops are down a little this year due to the drought, but yields have been better than most expected. With the high commodity prices, it should still be a good year for most farmers in our area.

Video Tour of Beef Plant Featuring Temple Grandin

Well someone must have read my Tyson blog, because this video was just released August 23.  It gives an accurate account of what happens in a beef packing plant.  This video is very similar to what we saw at Tyson, although we did not see the animals "knocked".  We did see more of the fabrication of the carcass than what this video shows, however.  Whether you eat meat or not, please take time to watch this video.  It might clear up some misconceptions you have about the process, particularly if the only clips you have seen are undercover video shot by someone with an ax to grind.


Bus tour part 4: Tyson meat packing facility (and more)

One of the highlights of the bus trip was taking a tour of Tyson's Finney County meat processing facility (where live cattle are turned into boxed beef), located near Holcomb, KS.  For food safety and security reasons, it isn't easy to get into a plant like this.  I'm not sure if they did background checks, but we had to provide our driver's license number and full name to gain access.  We also had to sign an affidavit that we had not traveled to a foreign country in the past 30 days.  We were not allowed to take cameras or cell phones with us into the facility.  With all the people out there wanting to do a hit job "documentary" on what goes on in these plants, I can't blame them.  But I have some problems with their approach as well…more on that later.  As a result, I don't have any pictures to share with you in this post. Continue reading “Bus tour part 4: Tyson meat packing facility (and more)”