Ranch Internship

2020 is our eighth year hosting interns at the ranch.  We’ve added a new one, the Calving Season Internship as a result of a new partnership we’ve entered with a neighboring operation.  Please read the details carefully, as deadlines vary for each position.

Calving Season Internship
Be here to watch the prairie come alive!  This internship will provide the opportunity to get daily experience with animal husbandry as we oversee nearly 700 births.  Duties include:
– Checking cows several times a day and sometimes during the night
– Tagging calves and recording birth information
– Assisting in difficult births
– Moving cows and calves to fresh pens or pasture
– Maintaining clean barn areas for use in bad weather

– Have some knowledge of calving (classroom or real-life)
– Able to lift 70 lb (or get a newborn calf into a sled or cart)
– Willing to work odd hours and in bad weather
– Willing to ask questions
– Able to write legibly

Compensation depends on experience.  Housing provided.
Dates: Starting April 15, ending between June 1 and June 20.  We are flexible within those dates.

To apply, fill out this form.

Ranch and Range Management Internship
Are you a student interested in advancing your range management skills? Please consider applying for our internship for summer and/or fall of 2020. Expect to gain real-world experience with the ideas and concepts you have learned in the classroom. Here’s what you can expect from this opportunity:
Practical Experience
– Grazing operations – implement a grazing plan and track movements on a grazing chart or with cloud-based software
– Cattle herd management – low-stress handling methods, herd health & nutrition, using horses and/or ATV’s for moving and checking, temporary electric fencing as part of a short-duration, high-intensity grazing system
– General ranch work – hay production, fencing, operating and maintaining machinery, grass seed harvesting
– Opportunities to attend workshops and training seminars on topics such as range management, livestock handling, and soil heath in the area.
Wage depends on experience.
Housing and utilities are provided.
While there are no specific dates, we generally aim for mid-May through mid-August for our summer interns.
Work schedule
60 hour weeks are the norm, but there will be some that are longer than that. We expect our interns to work roughly the same hours we do. Sundays and up to five personal days off.
– Self-motivated, able to finish the job without constant supervision
– Able to lift 50+ lbs
– Comfortable working alone in the field all day (not every day)
– Able to perform basic vehicle maintenance (check fluid levels, change a tire)
– Willing to ask questions & excited about learning
Before you apply, please make sure you understand where we’re located. We’re not in the middle of nowhere, but we’re the last exit before it. Target and Starbucks are 90 miles away.
For further questions about the internship, please email luke@rockhillsranch.com.

The deadline to apply is January 15, 2020.
To apply for the Ranch and Range Management Internship, click here.

Ranch Living Experience
Living on a ranch consists of more than just saddling up your horse and riding the range all day. Our Ranch Life experience will allow you to get a taste of what its like to live on a ranch in a different way than our Ranch Management internship would. Here’s what you can expect:
– Care for barnyard animals such as chickens and orphan calves
– Learn how to grow your own food from a certified Master Gardener (Garnet) as you help in the garden
– Develop time-honored culinary skills, such as canning and baking delicious bread from scratch, while helping prepare food for the family and visitors
– Help occasionally with other ranch work, such as building fence, gathering hay, and checking water for the cattle
– Use social media to tell others about what’s happening at the ranch
This is an unpaid position. Room and board are provided. If you wish to bring your own horse, we’ll board it at no cost. Dates and duration of the position are flexible, but generally two to four weeks, sometime between May 1 and November 1.

The deadline to apply is March 1, 2020.
To apply for the Ranch Living Experience, click here.